About Us

R.W. Solutions is the premier company in South Australia when it comes to Ground Support Services and with 35 years’ experience we are often called upon to provide solutions where others say it can’t be done. We consult with and provide geotechnical solutions to Government, civil and mining industries. At R.W. Solutions we supply and install various forms of ground support including rock fall barriers, erosion protection and slope stabilisation. Our expertise and experience in Industrial rope access along with specialised equipment means that we are able to provide cost effective solutions in difficult locations complicated by height and restricted access.

Some of our past projects include rock fall barriers and meshed slope stabilisation along the South Eastern Freeway and Gorge Road. We also complete controlled rock scaling which helps to reduce the risk of rock falls on major South Australian roads. Our staff are fully trained, experienced and competent in the operation of our specialist equipment including Rope Access, Rock Drilling, Shotcrete and our 37-metre 'Spider' Boomlift. We are constantly upgrading our skills to ensure we complete tasks in an efficient and safe way. R.W. Solutions has a commitment to safety and we provide detailed job safety and environmental analysis (J.S.E.A.’S) for each project.

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