Lova-Dry Shotcrete (Gunite)

Lova-Dry Shotcrete (also known as Gunite) is a process of delivering a dry or damp sand and cement mix through a material hose to an application nozzle using compressed air. Once the material reaches the nozzle it mixes with water and is sprayed out at a high velocity. This method allows for the rapid application of concrete into a variety of areas where the use of traditional wet mix concrete is not possible.

RW Solutions have applied dry mix Shotcrete on cliff faces using Rope Access techniques or our Ommelift 3700RJ 'Spider' Boomlift, under bridges and at the bottom of slopes where a concrete truck could not access. Dry mix shotcrete also avoids the need to board up a concrete pour as it is drier than traditional concrete and does not slump.

The photo above shows how we are able to use the dry mix Gunite while abseiling in order to reach areas that require repairs and are not accessible using conventional methods.

The photo above shows the wall after it has been repaired with dry mix Gunite which has now reduced the risk of further failure and erosion.

The photo below shows us using the Lova Dry Shotcrete machine to fill a section of a failed wall with concrete. Conventional wet mix concrete would not be suitable as it would simple run down the wall where dry mix Gunite can be sprayed onto the wall at any angle and will build up to the required thickness.

Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in the operation of Lova-Dry Shotcrete. Contact us for a free site inspection to discuss your requirements.