Rock Scaling (Rope Access)

Rock falls can be devastating, not only can they cause injuries but they can also damage roads and infrastructure resulting in delays and inconvenience to the public while repair work is undertaken. At R.W. Solutions, we work with the Local and State Governments to minimise the risk of potential rock falls and protect the public and infrastructure.

Utilising Rope Access, along with our Ommelift 3700RJ Spider boom lift we are able safely and efficiently lift personnel and equipment into place to carry out tasks in otherwise unreachable places where conventional methods would be time consuming, dangerous and highly expensive.

Abseiling allows us to inspect sections of a rock face & assess the method and equipment required to remove the risk of a rock fall.

Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in Rock Scaling and Rope Access methods. Contact us for a free site inspection to discuss your requirements.

The Rope Access industry in Australia is relatively new however in Europe for many years it has been the preferred method of access where conventional methods are not possible due to high risk or high cost. RW Solutions are fully equipped and our personnel are trained and experienced in “Industrial Twin Rope Access” methods, which allows us the ability to carry out work in areas where access via conventional methods is not possible such as cliff faces.