Rock Fall Protection

RW Solutions have many years experience with Rock Fall Protection and are able to provide advice on the appropriate Ground Support/Rock Fall Protection solution where ever it is required.

Rock Fall Protection is the installation of a number of systems ranging from:

-Gabion Baskets

-Ballast Cages

-Reno Mattresses

-Draped Netting Catch Fences (100-2000kj)

This also includes the installation of Rock-Anchors, Load Testing Anchors, Cables, Cable Brakes, Posts and Netting.

The following photo shows a small section of a cliff face that had become unstable and required support. The solution to this problem was to install high tensile mesh over the problem area anchored around the boundary and at strategic places in the centre with high strength metal anchors and a high strength cable around the edge.

This Raised Drape Catch Fence was installed along the south eastern freeway in South Australia. The raised section helps to catch and falling rocks from above the fence while the draped mesh section directs any falling rocks safely to the ground without allowing them to fall away from the cliff face.

Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in the installation of Rock Fall Protection systems. Contact us for a free site inspection to discuss your requirements.

Rock Fall Barriers, like the one installed on Gorge Road as shown, are a safe and cost effective solution to protecting people and infrastructure.

This photo shows a ballast cage being used for ground support next to a road. A ballast cage is a galvanised cage anchored to the ground behind and filled with ballast stones. It provides a strong and cost effective solution where ground support is required.