Omme Lift 3700R Spider Boom

The Omme Lift 3700RJ “Spider Boom” is a compact boom lift capable of traversing and operating over difficult terrain where other conventional Boom-Lifts couldn’t usually access.

Weighing only 5.3 tonnes, this Omme 3700RJ is incredibly light for a machine that provides a 37m working height and an increased S.W.L. of 250kg. Horizontal outreach is now up to a huge 14 metres. (or 12.3m with 250kg). The 3700RJ can be elevated to full height in only 2 mins 50! The new fly-jib also design provides an increased working range of 133˚. Combine the reach with the manoeuvrability of the Ommelift 3700RJ and it is one of the most versatile EWP’S in the field.

The stabiliser spread on the Ommelift 3700RJ is also adjustable from 5.32 x 5.32 metres on the wide setting to 6.64 x 3.21 metres on the narrow setting, allowing for deployment in confined spaces. While the narrow stabiliser setting reduces the maximum working height, it is still an impressive 26 metres.

Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in the operation of the The Omme List 3700RJ “Spider Boom” Contact us for a free site inspection to discuss your requirements.

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Technical Data

Stabiliser Spread

Maximum Working Envelope

Maximum Working Height (Narrow Settings)

With crawler tracks and a 2-speed gearbox the Ommelift 3700RJ is able to traverse muddy and sloping ground up to 35% (19.3°) where conventional boom lifts will not operate. The Ommelift 3700RJ is delivered on a dedicated plant trailer which carries track mats to help protect soft or delicate surfaces, combined with a low weight of only 5500kg it can go places other boom lifts can’t.

As the stabiliser legs can be raised or lowered independently to level the unit, the legs can be placed uphill or down hill to achieve a stable and safe environment therefore allowing the Ommelift 3700RJ to operate where narrow access would normally be an issue.

The photos above show the maximum working height of the Ommelift 3700RJ.