Load Testing

After the installation of anchors such as Rock Bolts, Soil Nails or Cable Anchors is complete, they may require load testing (sometimes referred to as pull-out testing) to ensure they comply with design specifications. RW Solutions is fully equipped and experienced to perform Load Tests Due to our range of access equipment such as the Omme 3700RJ Boomlift and Rope Access, we are able to carry out these tests in almost any location.

At R.W. Solutions we have a range of load testing equipment from our 60-tonne jack pictured above, which is capable of exerting up to 60-tonnes of force on a anchor to our smaller 30-tonne jack. We also have a number gauges to measure the smallest increment (down to 0.01mm) of movement should an anchor fail.

These photos shows a typical load testing set up with a number of gauges used to indicate even the slightest movement in the anchor.

Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in Load Testing methods. Contact us for a free site inspection to discuss your requirements.