RW Solutions have a 5 tonne excavator with licensed and experienced operators. The excavator is utilised for a number of different uses from general earth moving and soil auguring or equipped with a Rock Drill rig we can drill holes up to 5 metres high up a rock face.

This photo shows us using our excavator mounted drill rig to drill a hole in the side of a cliff in order to install some ground support in the form of high tensile wire mesh.

In the photo above we are using our excavator to soil auger the holes for a series 5 metre deep piers to stabilise the side of a hill that was at risk of falling.

We also use our excavator for the more traditional use of earth moving and digging when required and to assist in the removal of low level loose rocks when we are Rock Scaling

Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in the operation of Excavators. Contact us for a free site inspection to discuss your requirements.