Rock Drilling

At RW Solutions we have a variety of different rock drilling equipment including several custom made drill rigs ranging from manually operated, battery operated, excavator mounted and a Marini drill wagon.

The photo below is of our excavator mounted drill rig which allows us to move quickly between drilling locations at height of up to 5 metres.

At RW Solutions, we use rope access manual drill rigs which are light enough to be carried to the required location and raised or lowered into position via Rope Access. Once secured in position we can drill up to 51mm holes to any required depth. We also have our Marini Drill wagon as shown below which is our most versatile piece of drilling equipment and is capable of drilling up to 130mm holes.

Marini Drill Wagon

The Marini Drill wagon is the most versatile rock drilling rig in our range of equipment. The Marini allows up to be able to efficiently drill up to a 130mm hole up to 9 metres deep and at almost any angle in virtually any kind of terrain through almost any kind of ground whether hard of soft.

As shown below the Marini is light enough that it can be lifted into position onto a cliff face then bolted securely in place to allow us to drill in a number of difficult locations using rope access techniques.

Our personnel are fully trained and experienced in the operation of Rock Drills. Contact us for a free site inspection to discuss your requirements.

With such a range of versatile rock drilling equipment we are able to undertake rock drilling in many different locations such as cliff faces and confined spaces.

The photos above show that the Marini Drill wagons versatility as it doesn’t matter what angle the hole needs to be, the Marini can drill it. The photo on the left shows us drilling a hole to secure a rock in place with a rock bolt while the photo on the right is drilling for the installation of an anchor for a high tensile mesh covering.(Rock Fall Protection)